About “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?”

The effect of stress on the body.

How can stress and negative emotion lead to illness?

Is it possible to not only restore peace to our mind but health to the body?


In the mini- book “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?” you will discover why the body reacts the way it does to stressful events and how we can not only alleviate and heal this but also dramatically improve our quality of life.

“Your book is excellent, full of information and easy to understand. It has a profound wisdom coupled with an easily applied simplicity”
Susan Thompson, Edinburgh

How does stress produce the following symptoms?

  • Steadily worsening health conditions
  • Frequent feelings of anxiety or dread
  • Losing confidence in yourself
  • Frequent infections
  • Difficulty taking even short periods of time out to do “nothing”
  • Or the opposite extreme – no motivation to do anything at all
  • Feeling “dead” emotionally
  • Depression
  • Tired All The Time
  • Becoming less sociable
  • An increase in anger and irritability
  • Escalating conflict with others
  • Comfort eating, drinking too much and other addictive behaviour

“I read your book over lunch the day I got it and have been practising the exercises ever since. Very interesting and really well written, big thanks”
Ann D, Edinburgh

Topics covered in the book:

  • The biochemical reactions triggered by stress and the physiological result of prolonged stress
  • Why do events from the past still affect us in the here and now?
  • Powerful, simple and thorough stress release techniques
  • How to steadily increase happiness and peace
  • Allowing solutions to your problems to arise naturally.
  • How to get clear about where you are and what you want right now
  • How to self apply EFT

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