Conscious Awareness and the Sane Mind

“Sanity doesn’t suffer, ever”. “If I think you’re my problem, I’m insane”. The above quotes are from Byron Katie and her therapeutic method for questioning thoughts called “The Work”. Even when we have examined our thoughts and judgements in some detail it can still be astonishing just how much of the unexamined mind, our subconscious, Continue reading »

Conscious Awareness and Emotion

Conscious mastery of emotion is the ability to completely feel and accept whatever emotion is passing through us in the moment – without drama or suppression. It’s not about becoming emotionally detached nor is it about living in a blissed out state of unending happiness! With emotional mastery comes greater emotional range, you may even Continue reading »

Conscious Awareness and Mindfulness

I teach a lot of meditation and Mindfulness classes and have observed that most of the mindfulness practices currently being taught could more accurately be described as the ability to focus on the moment rather the original Buddhist concept of mindfulness which is a very pure form of deepening awareness of the absolute. Rather than Continue reading »

Stage Five – The Embodiment of Love

The only person I have ever met at this level is Mother Meera which was an incredible experience. I think there are perhaps about 100 people currently on earth vibrating at this level – which is higher than ever before in recorded history. I would like to have this verified however, something I feel I Continue reading »

Stage Four – Self Empowerment

Up until now I have not talked much about spirituality; this is partly because spiritual or religious belief is a normal part of the unawakened masses.  My definition of awakening is the gradual awakening to the divine self. Stage four is about going deep into what true self-responsibility means. In this stage we begin to Continue reading »

Stage Three – Power and Responsibility

Taking responsibility is the theme of this stage, the phrase, “it’s all an inside job” would sum up, well, everything from this point on! It’s the stage where a massive commitment to personal growth has been made. This is where we begin to accept that how we react and feel in response to events is Continue reading »

Stage Two – Examining the Past

In cultural terms post Freudian would probably sum up this stage. Although the psycho-therapeutic movement is well over a hundred years old it really took off in popularity during the seventies where the practice of seeing a therapist evolved into therapeutic movements such as Rolfing, Encounter groups, Rebirthing and so much more! A huge nod Continue reading »

The Five Stages of Awakening – Introduction

When I was thirty I had an enlightenment experience. I was taking part in a healing exercise at the Earth/Sky workshop hosted by Drunvalo Melchizedek – one of the most open-hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. This workshop was a follow on from the Flower of Life Merkaba training of the Continue reading »

Stage One – Waking Up

The realization that by changing something we do – nutrition, thought, feeling, attitude or behaviour – we change something in our life that is causing a problem. Or we begin to really question the accepted cultural and religious beliefs and attitudes. I’m sure most people reading this are thinking “but what’s so special about this, Continue reading »