Helpful Links

Check out this wonderful site – and sign up forĀ  a free newsletter and gifts – from a man with the most incredibly soothing voice…


Free and low cost Emotional Freedom Techniques resources:


A site dedicated to information and treatment related to a form of cancer caused by asbestos – the page link above has some information about how healing has helped in the management of this disease:


Wonderful site – and wonderful teacher! – dedicated to Earth Changes:


Complementary health directory – find a therapist in your area:-

Cancer Support Website

Information on alternative treaments for Mesothelomia. This site also offers support and care guidance for all affected by this rare form of cancer.


A new organsiation dedicated to the banking of cord blood stem cells in order to fight disease – this practice has saved the lives of thousands of children helping them to recover from serious diseases. Check out the link below for more informaiton: