Confidence Issues

Confidence issues includes shyness (now called social anxiety disorder), lack of self esteem and self worth, having little value for yourself and feeling you do not deserve to have all the good things life has to offer.

Some people grow up confident but events erode that confidence until they find doing what used to come easily has become difficult. Others of course can’t remember ever being full of confidence.

Whatever it is you would like to resolve, be it overcoming the shyness of approaching strangers at an event or wanting to know without a shadow of a doubt that you deserve to have success and goodness in your life know that this is possible. It may be a matter of one or two sessions to deal with a couple of issues/events or it may be a journey that takes you somewhere you may not have imagined.

Shyness and lack of confidence are very famliar afflications for me, I have come a long, long way from where I used to be and quite frankly probably my younger self would not recognise who I am now – which is a relief! So I know from experience what it’s like to lack confidence and also how impossible it seems to do what others do if you lack the inner resources to do so.

Sessions dealing with confidence issues are a mixture of clearing past issues and traumas and installing new beliefs about self, attitudes and teachings of what it is like to be that confident person you long to be.

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