There is always an underlying reason for depression and this can be healed given time and perseverance.

You are not the victim of depression – you do have the power to manage your personal outcome. Really knowing this can bring hope back into your life and the impetus to begin moving out of this state.

How would depression be treated through therapy?

During therapy sessions we look for the root cause of the depression in order to begin clearing this, we also look for and clear the emotional blocks, entrenched thought and belief patterns that will have set in due to the state of depression.

There are also easy to do exercises that can begin to reverse chronic conditions and make it easier to motivate yourself to continue these changes.

Unwillingness to change is often a factor in any chronic condition as it is human nature to want things to remain the same even when the status quo is painful. This desire to remain the same is often unconscious, so even if you think you want to change there can be subtle unconscious drivers motivating your behaviour towards continuing pain.

What if nothing has worked before?

The reasons for this are to do with what has been mentioned above, not addressing unwillingness to change and not addressing, directly, the physio/energetic imbalances that keep one in certain conditions. Also if what you have tried is talk therapy or healing, they are often inadequate at fully addressing the cause. Talking will often not go deeply enough into the full clearing of emotion (dealing with thought patterns such as inĀ  CBT, will seldom address the deeper thought that will have registered deep in the psyche and is unconsciously directing all the surface thoughts that are bothersome).

If spiritual healing has not worked it will be because the healing has to be a conscious process, a certain amount of responsibility still has to be taken by the healee; it could simply be that your unconscious mind needs you to know the reason for your issue.

Other practical factors that may be an issue in depression


Sometimes a change in diet or good supplement is all that is needed to redress the deficiencies making depression worse. Without physical support recovery can be very slow.


Movement and exercise can work wonders as well, on their own they may not reverse depression but will aid in recovery. The trick is to find something you enjoy, dancing, walks in peaceful surroundings or team sports perhaps.

Alleviating depression can involve a combination of therapy, healing and coaching. It can take time to put this state behind you and how we go about that can be discussed at the end of the first session if you decide to continue with treatments.

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