Trauma and PTSD

Real help and release for PTSD sufferers and trauma survivors, using a multi disciplinary approach to restore balance and peace of mind.

Traditional talk therapies can help us come to terms with trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they can help us understand our reactions and realise we are not alone in how we feel about it or that we are not the only ones who have experienced certain traumas. However, what talk therapy does not address is the impact on our bodies – physical as well as emotional and mental. Trauma leads to energetic blocks and disruptions which through time if left untreated will accumulate more distress and attract similar situations. It also sets up deeply entrenched beliefs that colour and shape our life.

Allowing ourself to really feel every nuance of pain from the trauma will go a long way towards dispersing the trauma and changing our energy fields but this is difficult, not to mention distressing and frightening.

With the new approaches in therapy it is possible to now thoroughly, and a lot less painfully, clear the effects of trauma and PTSD. Including the beliefs that may have taken hold; with Theta Healing it is also possible to install new helpful beliefs that will change your experience of the world to a more positive one.

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