Therapy and Healing Sessions

All seated therapy sessions use a a combination of all I have trained in and studied over the years; conducted with a form of intuitive counseling, each session is unique to the client and the issue you have come with.

What I focus upon is the emotion and the beliefs that are at the root of most of what we are dealing with in life. This can include physical problems as well as stress and anxiety, relationship issues, low self worth/confidence, money and or abundance issues or simply feeling generally flat, thinking there must be more to life than this.

Descriptions of some of what I have trained in over the past 25 years are to be found below:

All therapy, with the exception of healing, is conducted comfortably seated and most can also be done over the telephone.


“I appreciated the patience and understanding which you displayed during our sessions; and you have my deepest gratitude for the profound changes which I experienced after our time together.

I have found that I can think clearly and constructively again, that I have more “headspace”. The brainfog has gone and I feel much more optimistic about my future. I will definitely be visiting you again to address issues which may arise in the future.”



“For over three months I had been suffering from upper respiratory congestion and infection. I was breathless on exertion and suffered occasional pain in my chest. I was feeling very low in energy and in spirit.

After two healing sessions with Catherine, my chest felt much better and I was no longer breathless, following another healing session I was much more energetic and felt I had my life back on track.”

The sessions were very relaxing and enjoyable.”
Gillian, Edinburgh

“For the first time in my life I feel as if I am in control of my emotions”
Morag, Edinburgh (after one EFT session – being taught how to apply it as well as receiving a session of EFT)

“I feel safe with Catherine, as if I could tell her anything”
Anne R

“I was suicidal and at the end of my tether after years of chronic fatigue and another relationship breakup. After several sessions from Catherine (EFT and EmoTrance) I now feel as if I have peace of mind and am on track creatively and emotionally”
Margaret B, Edinburgh

“I’m not scared of the dentist anymore!”
Emma, (child – after an EFT session)

“I sleep so deeply after my healing sessions”
Laura S

“You have magic hands!”
Kate B

“Thank you for my amazing session on Friday evening. It’s really made a huge difference! I feel so much better in myself and also – interestingly – physically much more upright, which also feels empowering! There was a big crack & creak in my right shoulder when you were doing reiki – and that shoulder, which I always held very tensely so I looked lopsided, is now looking symmetrical with the other side. Amazing! That wasn’t even a problem I had consciousness of in our session – apart from registering the sound of its transformation!

I happily accept that I am “of value”. Yesterday when I was feeling a bit bogged down with work I realised I just needed to focus on getting it done and the tricky-ness was a teething stage hurdle to overcome – it wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough! Feels good to feel more in control of myself and more like my old self. I’ve also been sleeping better. Just brilliant! So a HUGE thank you!

I’m looking forward to my next session:)