Whole Self Healing – Emotional Clearing and Core Transformation

The aim of Whole Self Healing is radical transformation at a core and multi layered level.

There is a Sanskrit word known as Samskaras that is used to describe the impressions we accumulate on our souls journey. This is also a Hindu concept describing certain rites of passage in the life of a Hindu from conception to death. I like this word because it encompasses what I see as being needed for complete enlightenment, all those layers and levels of energy that make up who we are right now.

In a therapy session any combination of impressions can be cleared on the presenting issue:

  • Beliefs, ingrained thought patterns and emotions from this life
  • Emotional release from the presenting issue
  • In utero impressions – memories, trauma or feelings we have absorbed from our mother
  • Unhealed fragments of Self lodged in our soul or stored in our life-stream
  • Ancestral/genetic patterns/beliefs
  • Collective unconscious (from our culture and peers, the media)
  • Pre-conception programming and plans we set down for ourself that may no longer be needed
  • Moment of conception – impressions absorbed from parents
  • Cords, hooks, thought forms and “energy dumps” from others
  • Entities and spirit attachments from channelling lower beings (more common than you’d think!)
  • Past life issues that still need to be resolved (this should actually only take seconds to clear but if you are interested I can do a whole session on past life regression)

Our soul is concerned with growth not material advancement and when given the opportunity for radical growth will take this chance; this is what I tend to see in my practice. Clients who are dedicated on some level to personal transformation tend to wind up in my treatment room. The clearing I do is rapid in comparison to “talk therapy” or healing alone; however your higher self is running what presents for clearing so one issue usually has several strands to it connected to many different impressions and will usually require more than one session to clear completely. Sometimes though if you have already done a lot of work on a particular issue then that one stubborn piece will clear very rapidly in this session.

This immense amount of clearing is possible as it is the structure of the entire issue that is being dealt with, all I need is a piece of the structure in the here and now, the core that is present in this life and at this time.

I do encourage self-work at home if not already doing so, particularly the ability to connect and be with your emotions. However as your issues melt away you will notice an increasing change in the way you view life and interact with others.

What happens in a session?

We start with your current feelings and thoughts about the presenting problem, through gentle coaching you are encouraged to drop through the layers until the core is reached. Once at the core of the issue you stay with the feelings in order to fully let them go – this letting go is achieved very rapidly as a combination of EFT, EmoTrance, breathwork, Theta Healing and Ho’oponopono is applied to the entire structure of the issue, or part of the issue being cleared.

Sometimes regression work is needed to reach the source of the current problem.

You are seated throughout unless some healing and clearing work is required on the treatment table.

How many sessions are needed?

This depends on the problem. If it’s to specifically clear trauma and event based pain anything from one to six sessions depending on the severity or amount of painful memories and circumstances.

In one session you will notice a difference but one session is hardly life changing! To see deep and lasting inner change; the kind of change that makes a difference to your outer circumstances and relationships several sessions of healing are needed.