The following is an article on Ho’oponopono where you can begin to use this technique on your self.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian Kahuna releasing technique that has been popularised thanks to Joe Vitale writing about the method and the man that has brought it out of Hawaii, Dr Hew Len. Traditionally it means to correct or put right an error.

Self Healing

The practice of ho’oponopono is to take absolute responsibility for self and all you perceive and react to as the self, whether this is something personally distressing or something you are are reacting to in another – in Ho’oponopono all is self, there is no separation so there can be no blame.

The following article is a guide to practicing ho’oponopono – try it, you may be as amazed with the results as I have been!

Most who have heard of it will be familiar with the four phrases that are a part of the modern practice; these are “I’m sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “Thank-you” and “I love you”.

There is often confusion about this technique as it seems too simple; why would these four phrases work? The problem is that the essence of ho’oponopono is very Hawaiian and everything in Hawaiian – words and spirituality – has several layers of meaning. The ultimate understanding of ho’oponopono comes through feeling and sheer being-ness or oneness with Divinity; and through constant practice…

To a Hawaiian certain words or phrases in their language have an energy or power of their own and as they will have many associations connected to each phrase/word simply saying the word with reverence or loving intent can shift energy.

For some history about the traditional use and meaning and a little about Dr Hew Len go here:


So to try to do this justice in English the following is an explanation according to the way I’ve been taught this system by my Reiki teacher Robert Ross; plus what I have read or watched by Wayne Powell (teacher of Hawaiian Shamanism and healing), Joe Vitale and Hew Len.


One of the meanings of ho’oponopono is Self-Identity, meaning taking absolute responsibility for self and everything we react to – this goes way beyond shadow work! If you have read the story about Dr Hew Len “treating” the inmates at a maximum security prison you will see this taken to an extreme level. (click on the link a above)

Another way of looking at this is Self to Self. For me this means from the perspective of myself right now, the human body/mind, the ego/personality facing the many selves of my entire being from the lowest two dimensional level through the level of Soul up to the highest, God connected, self. It is then my whole self meeting the self of whomever I’m engaged in healing with and meeting that whole self with nothing but absolute love and a desire to dissolve whatever is causing pain.

Self Responsibility

So practicing ho’oponopono is to take responsibility for everything, to accept everything, not a passive acceptance but an unconditional acceptance. Being in this state shifts energy and circumstances to a profound degree, it is surrendering to “What Is” to the nth degree!

The practice of this when it becomes our default reaction begins to calm and ultimately silence the – fairly normal (!) – reactions of blame, judgement or anger when someone is doing something that is less than wonderful. The next step in responsibility and self-realisation is that nothing exists outside of self; it’s all “an inside job”.

Another meaning, according to Wayne Powell and his teacher Harry Uhane Jim is “engaging and witnessing divinity”. This practice is identical to the Western practice of Theta Healing in which we take anything that is perceived as a problem to Source/God/Creator and “witness” it being dissolved in that presence. This act of witnessing is about being open to however you perceive, or process, healing taking place – images in your mind, physical sensations, hearing a message or simply knowing that the healing is complete. This is also about allowing Love to witness self dissolving barriers to love, joy and peace, and to dissolve everything we have placed in our way regarding becoming Soul Centred.

Healing through ho’oponopono is also about misunderstandings or stunted perceptions being brought into balance and a more enlightened perspective.

Ho’oponopono is also about being profoundly grateful and through this gratitude experiencing the state of Grace inherent in the heart centred energy of gratitude.

Trusting the whole self

Wayne Powell talks about “a sovereignty of self”; the loving and gentle authority that comes from receiving wisdom and healing from the Highest Self and trusting in that and allowing our being to be the message rather than relying on the messages we look for from other sources.

This is a profound level of trust in our whole being. Guides, whether human or otherwise are just that; they are not the authority in our life, they are there to guide and support us as we make our way through life.

The process and the four phrases:

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank-you”. There is no particular order with these phrases; you can start anywhere so lets start with:

I Love You
This is a state we sink into, less the words as the feeling and meaning of love. Focus on the heart – breathe in love breathe out love. The love is from a merging with divinity, our divine self, God, all is one. Offering up the problem to divinity to dissolve.

I’m sorry
Humility – actually a relief of humility, it can be a relief to simply state and own the problem. Acknowledging the problem. A profound and deep softening and kindness to the self (and others as self) I am truly, deeply sorry for…

Please forgive me
Acknowledging responsibility – absolute – it exists in my life, in my world, therefore I caused it, breathed it into being. Please release, in other words.

Gratitude. Thank-you for the healing. Thank-you for all that the problem has given me (even if I cannot know what this is right now). Thank-you for what it may have taught me. Breathe in, focus attention on your heart as you feel gratitude and breathe out from the heart as you think about gratitude.

Practicing the process

Think about your issue (or anothers issue as your own) and breath deeply into what you notice is there – let it in, let the feelings flow, let it be in complete acknowledgement and acceptance. Apologise for it – I am sorry – sit with divinity and love and accept responsibility for the issue and ask for release – please forgive me. Breathe in love – I love you – Then sit with gratitude – thankyou – for this healing which may happen now or it may take a few days as layers come up to be released.

Finally, just surrender and hand all of it to divinity.

I use Ho’oponopono as a background with every therapy that I practice, in person or via a distance healing session.