In a Hypnotherapy session you are taken into a mild to deep trance state in order to facilitate change and healing or regression to an old event.

Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing form of therapy as you are being encouraged into a deep and natural state of relaxation. I generally use hypnotherapy to go to an event that is causing a problem in the here and now; when there I use other methods to clear the issue.

Trance is Natural

Many are suspicious of hypnotherapy but it is actually impossible to hypnotise someone against their will or to do something that violates their intrinsic values and ethics. In stage shows the people on stage are natural exhibitionists and performance hypnotists are experts at spotting them! The state of trance is a natural event that we go in and out of all day – if we didn’t we would become mentally agitated or ill – several times a day we go into a trance to allow our mind to process what has been taken in over the past 90 minutes or so. We also go into a trance state when undertaking tasks that are very familiar to us such as driving.

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I am trained in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, a more creative and intuitive form of Hypnosis