Reiki and Healing


Reiki is a form of spiritual, hands on healing, deeply nurturing and balancing.  A Japanese Doctor called Mr Usui developed Reiki in the 1800’s after many years of study, (he was a Christian minister who went on to study Theology, Buddhism, then Zen and finally through learning Sanscrit, Tibetan Buddism where he rediscovered the use of healing through Reiki.

Rei means God or universal and Ki means energy.

It is usually experienced as being blissfully relaxing and although it may sometimes appear that nothing much is happening, or changing, people who enjoy regular healing sessions find their experience of life begins to shift in ways they could not have imagined prior to the sessions.

Reiki can be practiced as a straightforward healing session where the recipient lies comfortably on a treatment couch or you can request a session where we first explore some form of stress through seated therapy before receiving Reiki.

For more information about Reiki and Reiki Training please go here.

Healing and Clearing Blocked energy

I have trained in various forms of healing over the past twenty five years and all of this experience is used in a healing session – whatever is appropriate or needed by the recipient is what comes through. I tend to focus on what needs to be cleared energetically – blocked or stuck energy can be in or around the body generally, in the chakras or can be present in the form of chords and energy from others that has attached itself to us. When clearing has taken place in relation to your intention for that session then I will focus on balancing and healing the body.

I can also give feedback as to what I sense or “see” is going on or behind the issue you have come with – if feedback is wanted of course!