What is EmoTrance?

EmoTrance is a revolutionary new medium for personal growth; not just for dealing with our issues but also for removing the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our dreams and gaining all we can from life. Sylvia Hartman, an innovative trainer in energy-based therapies, invented EmoTrance after years of studying, practising and experimenting with Hypnotherapy and Meridian Energy Therapies. It seeks to re-establish what Sylvia Hartmann refers to as “even flow”.

Even flow refers to the ability to let our reactions to all we encounter each day simply flow through and even “nourish” us as it passes. Imagine being able to handle complements and criticism not only with ease but to feel you actually gained something from whatever was said!

One of the most startling aspects of EmoTrance is the concept of what has been termed “energy nutrition”. Coaching a client to flow a positive statement about themselves through the body is one very powerful use for this; it’s as if an affirmation is being embedded into every cell in the body. The resulting expansive, energised state feels incredible!

What happens in a session?

EmoTrance is a fairly simple process that does not require much talking about problems, or indeed emotions, as we are dealing with the senses; as we begin to discuss the issue you will be guided and supported through a process of focussing on your physical or visual sense of the problem and then coached to flow this out of the body using your mind. A variety of methods can be employed to speed or ease this when the blocks are more difficult to dissolve. This shifts through issues to a very deep level; the more EmoTrance you have the faster the flow as the body is cleared and the greater the sense of freedom from old distressing emotions.

How Can EmoTrance Help You?

  • Are you in relationship pain or conflict? Partner, family, work or friends
  • Alleviate stress/emotional overwhelm
  • Feeling blocked or frustrated about what you would like to achieve – career, diet, health or study?
  • Ongoing personal development
  • Clear reactions to certain situations or past memories at a deep level