Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP is a mixed bag of knowledge and therapeutic techniques designed to enhance self knowledge about how we view the world and what is important to us, change negative thinking to positive, resolve conflict, change how we think about problems and improve performance.

I rarely use NLP as a stand along therapy, however it informs most of what I do through use of language and reframing ways of looking at our-self and the world.

Conflict Resolution

The technique I will use more often as a stand alone healing modality is Perceptual Positions. This is both fascinating and powerful in it’s ability to transform not only how we view a conflicted relationship but in it’s almost magically transformative effect on the relationship itself.

Conflict within yourself

The beauty of “perceptual positions” is that it can also be used to gain deep insight into a part of our self; this could be a body part that is unwell or a psychological part of our self that is causing a problem such as addiction or over eating or perhaps a lack of confidence.