What is Theta Healing

Theta refers to the brainwave state the practitioner goes into in order to facilitate the change-work within Theta Healing. In everyday waking consciousness we are in a state called Beta, Alpha is when we are in a light trance or alert relaxation – we go in and out of this all day quite naturally. Theta is deep relaxation or meditation; we visit this blissful state in the seconds before sleep, sleep is where we go into Delta.

Having a session of Theta Healing can be very relaxing, as, although you are seated, you will pick up the therapists state as the session progresses.

Theta Healing is a form of spiritual psychology that is conducted seated. Following some discussion, digging through emotional or belief layers we can reach a source level of cause that can be cleared very rapidly through Theta healing.

Belief and emotional clearing work in Theta is very rapid and can take place across all levels that beliefs are held on, whether this be in this life, past lives, collective consciousness, genetic or even up to the level of the soul. Tracking to the core of problems can take time, however I have yet to come across an approach where all levels of existence are taken into account and where clearing work is so profoundly thorough.